Google Adwords vs. SEO is always a difficult choice for online marketers in Dubai and UAE who are looking to establish an intimidating online presence for themselves. Adwords is an online advertising service that helps you place your online ads among search results from Google or on its partner websites. Search query decides what Ad Words based advertisement will be displayed

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is a method of optimizing a website’s content to achieve higher rankings in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Keywords are the key factor in optimizing a website for SERPs.


There are some distinguishing factors that can help you analyze the competition of Google Adwords vs. SEO. Google adword offers results that are visible in about a week’s time whereas SEO results will be visible only after a matter of 3-4 months and that too highly depends on the kind of keywords adopted for SEO.

Response Time

Google adwords is an immediate technique of online marketing whereas SEO is a time consuming method but results are assured from both techniques.


Google adwords might cost you higher than the SEO as you have to pay for each click that is pressed on Google adwords whereas SEO simply requires expertise of your team or of an expert SEO expert.

Lead Generation

Rapid lead generation is guaranteed with the help of Google Adwords and you are guaranteed to receive higher sales through Google adwords but in case of SEO this process of lead generation is relatively slower and increase in sales is rather gradual than peaceful sales nature of Google adwords

Changes in strategy

You can change your online marketing strategy much quickly when using Google adwords as compared to SEO where the whole process of keywords oriented content writing and indexing of websites has to be repeated for a new online marketing strategy.

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