User experience (UX) is critical factor that plays and important role in success and failure of your website or product. Many people makes a mistake when then confuse it with usability that only explain how well the product or website can be used by users. When setting up website, it is important that you take care of all the elements that will collectively enhance your user`s experience. These factors influence user experience.

Here are the 7 factors that are part of user experience.


In case, your web design is not useful for intended users then they will buy from you? You should ask your self does your website serves the purpose for which it is designed. Are you customers able to get the information they want? Does it benefit them to full fill their needs? The answer to this entire question will provide you an answer about this UX element.


Usability means your customers should be able to utilize what is provided through website. In UX you can relate it to different design elements that enhance website for using. For example a website design and interface can increase its usability. It may also means how well its different parts can work together to make it better for the purpose of usability.


This UX element refers to ability of customers to find your product in the market or get the information on internet as well. In terms of website, it means your website should be easily finable for the intended users. It may be through search engine, SEO strategies, digital marketing or internet presence etc. it is very important as if your customers can not find you , there is no purpose of having a website.


Today`s users are much more cautious and well informed. They fully understand what may look like credible to them. Is your website design looks credible? Is it professional enough and provide all of the details of your business?  There are many strategies that you can adopt to make your website look credible. This includes regular updating of content/blogs, appropriate use of logos, testimonials and current customer information, social media integration etc. Always make sure that your website has enough content and information online for customers about you.


Desirable as UX element means, the ability of your product, brand or website to become as preferred or desirable element of your website. Is your website has elements that are more desirable then competitors? Does it look better, more useable, useful and credible then others?  If yes then it may definitely be more desirable website then others.


Unfortunately, while we focus on other elements of web design, the accessibility gets lost easily in between. Is your website easily accessible through internet? It also means is it loading at good speed? Is it designed as responsive so it can be viewed on mobile devices in better way?  Does it have shorter URL or name for website so users can access it?


The last element of UX design is your website should deliver value to you as well as your customers. For you it means with combination of all above elements it should deliver you value by converting website visitors into customers. For customers it should offer them what they want by serving its purpose for which it is designed.


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