Technological advancements have opened new avenues for business and ecommerce is one of them. The volume of ecommerce based transactions is growing at the rapid pace. That`s why almost every company that was relying on physical channel to sell their products is also focusing on establishing business online. However, not everyone is successful and there are reasons for their failure. Entrepreneurs don’t take online business seriously and believe customers will start buying the products online as soon as they establish an ecommerce website. One thing is to remember ecommerce web design is just one aspect of it. The success only comes when you focus on every aspect on your online business.

At Whitehats Design, we often see businesses setting up ecommerce store without much research and information into their niche. That means they don’t have any ecommerce business strategy in place. This usually results in failure of their ecommerce business.

Here, we have discussed different ecommerce related mistakes that we notice often and should be avoided at all costs.

Selection of appropriate ecommerce platform is crucial, if you make mistake at this stage, all your efforts in terms of time and money will go in vein. Since there are many different ecommerce web design platforms exists, choosing the right platform may be often confusing and difficult. Your web design company may be able to help, but make sure it should revolve around your business requirements and user experience goals. You just need a platform that help your businesses, nothing else matters. Most of the ecommerce web design platforms offer free trails. We suggest you to spend some time looking at all the possibilities like shopify, Magento , Big commerce and WooCommerece etc.

Just like any other types of physical business, ecommerce business cannot be successful unless you know your niche. People make a mistake of jumping into the business without first conducting research on it or exploring more about it. Ecommerce websites usually has large number of products on offer. Therefore you must understand all about these products to sell effectively.

If you are smart businessmen, you will never waste your valuable time, energy and resources without a strategy that is practical and workable. Before launching ecommerce business you must make sure that you have worked on strategy part first and identified how it will work for you.

To get a good start, you must draft a strategy that that includes

Ecommerce business is heavily reliant on the trust and you will need to work hard to improve your trust worthiness. Where it is earned through providing high standards of service and products, ecommerce web design can also be designed to include few of these factors like.

You must also ensure your website visitors feel secure while providing you’re their personal information. Use logo and signs to indicate your use encryption or SSL to secure web design. Try to keep your ecommerce web design simple and effective, provide clear navigation and website structure so they can get easy access required page easily.

Ecommerce business may require you to continuously update your website, marketing, customer contact channels and product range. All of this will not be possible without right amount of budget that is carefully allocated to all areas of ecommerce business. You will need to optimize strategies to grow your business, allocate budget for search engine marketing and bringing traffic to your website. Therefore, consider dividing your money on every aspect from start from ecommerce web design and should include products, marketing and customer services etc. Make continuous changes and optimize according to your business needs.

Overseeing the Power of Social Media

Social media has emerged as a powerful new medium for conveying your marketing message. if by chance you have not focused on social media then you are losing a big market. Customers today wants to get engaged with sellers through social media. Therefore you must not oversee the potential of social media or it will be one of the biggest mistake every. However, be cautious in your interaction with customers , always respond quickly and keep social media channels updated on daily basis. Social media can help you to significantly improve your brand exposure.

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