With the increased popularity of mobile phone devices, the trend of online shopping has increased significantly. In some countries, it has affected traditional way of doing businesses to that extent that some famous high street brands have gone out of business because their customers have started buying online more often and it is no more economical for them to sell these products in stores. E-commerce based transactions in retail are expected to reach $ 1.91 trillion, and that is without a large population that is still not using E-commerce based website for example in GCC countries, there are still 70% population not making online purchases. However, with growing penetration of smart mobile phone, it is expected to grow at a rapid phase in the coming year. That`s why many companies are turning to get their E-commerce web development Dubai to gain maximum output from this trend.

With 95% mobile phone users using their mobile to explore information about companies and products the volume of mobile-based transaction is growing rapidly. To date, around 27% of E-commerce based transactions are taking place on mobile phone devices.

So this means Mobile commerce is an inevitable part of E-commerce. It will grow further as it is expected the mobile phone internet usage will overtake desktop internet use. This shift will affect e-commerce based transactions as well. Therefore e-commerce web development Dubai will be focusing more towards turning website customized for mobile based transactions.

So we are standing on the brink of another major shift in electronic commerce industry as everything will be going mobile. The strategy behind mobile commerce has nothing complex it’s just moving to an existing website based transactions onto wireless devices. The target audience may be a slight difference, but the end goal of both m-commerce and e-commerce is the same.

Before we discuss why m-commerce is the new frontier for e-commerce let`s have a look at few interesting facts.

People heavily rely on mobile phones. Therefore, they use it more often.

  1. At least 33% of the people who receive a mobile alert about retail store offers to visit their website, and at least 1/3 of them make a purchase as well.
  2. Nearly 50% of mobile phone users the United States have downloaded retail store apps on their mobile devices.
  3. 80% of mobile phone users are interested in offers through local advertisements, and the vast majority of them are likely to take action as well.

Why is Mobile Commerce better?

Now let`s explore why m-commerce is becoming new frontier for e-commerce

  1. It is high time efficient as people can make the purchase on go.
  2. It gives customers more personalized experience as compared to desktop computers.
  3. It is more convenient for them to make a purchase through a mobile device that they in their pockets.

In order to gain advantage from m-commerce trends, you should start looking for e-commerce web development Company that can make your website ready for mobile phone users.

How M-commerce’s affects how business is conducted?

There are many ways this shift to mobile commerce is changing the way business is conducted. The first impact is there is an increased focus on app development.  It is also affected the nature of e-commerce based websites as now there is more focus on mobile platform user experience. Most of the well-known e-commerce based websites are now trying to reducing the mobile user’s likely hood of closing the app before making a purchase. In addition to that responsive website has become essential with specially designed features to make website viewable on mobile in the best possible way. As a result retailers like Amazon and eBay are evolving their e-commerce based business to cater the needs of mobile users due to increased growth in their transactions.  Giving customers accessibility, making it possible for them to have shopping on go with better user experience is the key to succeed in today`s digital arena.


While the mobile device is used as a connection point, the advertisement can be more effective in targeting the audience. It can help in better understanding and delivery of services that they want when they want it. Regardless of the type of business in which you are operating mobile commerce can offer great opportunities with surprisingly low costs. So retailers must do everything they can to facilitate mobile users as it will become a major portion of online customers in near future.


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