Internet of things has long been in discussion and on the internet that you would already know what it is. The internet of things would make changes to the way we interact with objects around us. The new internet of things would make life a lot more intelligent as we know of it. The internet of things will make changes to human lives in no small way. The user experience will be central to the devices that people are going to use. And it is probably the user experience which would make a product stand out from the other competitors’ products. Here are the design challenges posed by internet of things. At Whitehats Design, best Web Design Company in Dubai create web experiences which differentiate your brand and help you stand out from the crowd


Connectivity Problems

In order for the internet of things to work seamlessly, it must have been connected to the internet. The network will enable the data to transfer between devices without having the need for humans to interact. Whether there is a wireless or wired network acting as bridge, the connectivity problem remains there. The quality of the network must be very good in order for the technology to work really well. The devices that are connected to the internet will have to respond immediately to the users’ and get things done without any delays. The users are not really used to the delays and lack the patience to wait for the device to complete its action.


So Many Interfaces

There are so many devices and each one has its own interface. For example, you may have apps installed on your smartphone, fitness tracker and inside your smart car. However, they all work on their own as individual devices. They have different types of operating systems that make them tick. They do not necessarily obey the commands of each other and you would have to use these applications separately to do things on different things. The problem will escalate only further with the passage of time as more of the devices would get connected to the internet. There are not many companies that have started developing one mobile app for all the various internet of things. However, it is not long before some mobile app development company would actually realize the need and come up with something more practical.

Usability Issues

There are many aspects of internet of things that attract businesses and customers towards it. However, we must not forget that internet of things is still in its infancy and it has to surmount many challenges posed to it. There are many things that users will have to learn and memorize including icons, interfaces, and gestures. Many of the things that we are currently doing have simple actions. For example just switching off the light button with one action is very simple. Think of having to go through a menu of options when you want to switch off lights in your home. There can be many other examples that suggest how usability will get affected and as users we will have to get used to that.


Concluding Thoughts

The way to design ultimate user experience is a complicated effort. In order to make sure that you have been able to get the desired results and the users at the other end are happy, you need to put yourself into users’ shoes. When you design something for internet of things, use it yourself. Make sure that you try to make it as user friendly as possible. Also focus on compatibility related issues with different mobile operating systems. The idea is to make the life of the end user easier and perhaps not difficult. This can only be possible when you become user yourself and try to eliminate all the problems faced by the end user.

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