The race of having most attractive and visually appealing website is growing.  Since more and more customers are interacting with companies online, every business is trying to attract more and more visitors to their websites.

But a visually appealing and attractive website may not be a “successful one.”

It is so because your web design company is not aware of marketing elements of design that may also play a crucial role in deciding the future of your business.

Many Businesses and designers often make a mistake of focusing more on the visual appeal , while often ignoring “ competitor`s web site analysis” .

A well versed and experienced web design company will first analyze your competitor’s website and will recommend structure, design, and contents accordingly giving you a slighter edge in your internet presence that may turn out to be a great step forward toward having a successful website.  You may have already tried these strategies in your own business, having a look at competitor`s strategy can give you an idea to sell similar products in a better way.  Same can be applied to your website design.

Let’s have a look how this analysis will affect different elements of website design.

Usability. There should be a balance between usability and visual It means how easy it is for your visitors to navigate your website and find the information they are looking for. This is sometimes overlooked by designers in an attempt to create unique and attractive web design.  Designers should not neglect overall purpose by too much getting caught in the visual look. The website should be designed in a way; it should be usable, letting visitors browse and find information easily.

Design. Design and structure of your website should have visual appeal to attract the customers. A good web designer should understand how good color scheme can fit together with other visual elements to create better user experience. An analysis of competitor’s website design can reveal valuable insight information on how they are already using these elements successfully.

Content. A better-looking website design may attract more traffic, but if the quality of contents is poor, then you may not be able to engage and turn website visitors into customers. Experienced and well-versed web design companies understand the importance of quality contents and will always conduct a content audit of your competitor’s website to look what type of information has shared with people as well as key information that`s lacking. This will help in deciding what kind of contents should be published to engage website visitors.

Conversion Paths. The real success of website is not only measured in terms of its ability to attract more and more visitor but to convert these visitors’ into paying customers. An ordinary designer may not care all these aspects by simply focusing more on its look. However, a well versed and experienced web designer will keep this in mind and will conduct an audit of competitor’s website to understand how they are doing it and will try to create better, more profitable platform for your business.

Performance. A website`s performance is measured in terms of its speed of loading especially at key places like checkout and contact form areas. It is also an important element to rank website higher in the search Keeping this in mind a good designer should come up with fast loading website design for your business.

Optimization. A good website should be optimized in a way that it could attract organic traffic and could be ranked higher than competitors. A Good web designer should be knowledgeable about search engine optimization and should be able to evaluate how well competitor`s website is optimized, understand their strategy and try to develop a best possible design and structure for your website.



Analysis of your competitor`s website can play a vital role in helping you design better and more successful website.  While most of Website Design companies often ignore this step, it`s an essential part of Website design process at Whitehats Design. Our aim is not just to design your website but to make it more successful as well.  So you should make sure, your designer embraces this process before deciding to hire them.


Although there can be a number elements of a successful web design like usability, design, contents, performance, and optimization focusing on all of these elements while keeping in view your competitor’s website can be a right way forward.  It will help you to understand what competitors are doing well, and avoid what they are doing poorly so your website is distinguished from the rest. Even minor design improvements based on analysis can give you a huge strategic advantage over your competitors.

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