Lower resource usage and cost

Business application development typically refers to a version of cloud computing known as the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This is a delivery model that allows the usage of a particular application, hosted in the cloud, by various clients across several industries and locations, via a web browser. In doing this, it eliminates the purchase and use of multiple servers required to store data, for the provider. It also allows the client or user of the application to manage certain administrative, operational, or financial components of his business at multiple locations since all the data is stored on the ‘cloud’.

Standardized yet customizable design

Business application development in the cloud has several advantages to on-premises applications. One of the key characteristics of a good business application is the design, layout, and architecture. Since these business applications are created in some standardized form to be able to cater to clients from differing industries with varying needs, it becomes much harder to create a design and architecture that provides an efficient and reliable service, void of performance flaws, while simultaneously refusing to compromise on the user-friendliness.


In light of the fact that a client’s data is stored in a ‘cloud’ rather than in their data center, one would think that security and encryption would become a concern. However, good business applications are designed especially to protect a client’s data, by limiting access and providing a well-encrypted environment

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