Latest web design trends show that the role of animation in corporate web design is becoming more important and significant. While this trend is expected to stay shortly, it is important to understand the ways to use these animations in web design effectively. The use of animation in web design is not new; it was there even in the early 90s when small gifs flashing images and emojis were used few of them were very popular among website users.

With the time the ways and purpose of using this animation have changed. Back then it`s primary use was to decorate the website and create fun from it. While today these animation design in Dubai are used for visual appeal as well as to improve the usability of the website. Animation studios are increasing finding new innovative ways to engage users by incorporating animations in corporate web design.

Here are few ways these animations Design can be used more effectively according to latest trends.

To Get User Attention 

One of the most common uses of animation in web design is getting attention to some details. Whenever there is something important on the web page, for example, signing the form, call to action, menu functions require more attention from users then different types of animations can be used. This is especially effective because the human eye is drawn to a movement that makes is the perfect choice for this type of use.

Distract Users from Loading time

Another effective way of using animation is to distract users attention from loading time by adding something funny in it for the duration of loading time giving users impression that the website is fully working and doing something while technically its just moving animation.  It provides a better look at your website while bounce rate can be decreased with better user engagement. Because every time user will visit web site he will not feel like waiting for something to load. Get your users something interesting to watch while they wait for few seconds. It is important because of each second increase in loading time increase in bounce rate for 20%.

Hover Animation. 

Hover is a type of animation that is used to get attention towards button that can be clicked to get another page or interacted with in some way. Whenever users visit a website and want to explore more about any element, the hover action will give users an indication that they can click on that to get further into the website through navigation.

Use of Animations in Backgrounds.

Use of animation in the background is an emerging trend. Animation Design in Dubai are used it as an effective way to engage website visitors. In order for background animation to be effective, it is important that it is used in the right way. It can be more effective when kept subtle while opting for a gentle background or by featuring any moving parts in it.

Smooth Transitions.

Animations can be used for smooth transitions that will be make changing screens less abrasive.  It normally not looks good if something changes swiftly. The Animations Jarring effects of blunt transitions can be used to make small tears in user interface design that can be patched with animations perfectly.


The scrolling down option is much popular in web design today. It would not have been possible without animations. As mentioned earlier animations removing the Jarring effects of transition while scrolling makes it seamless and better for user experience perspective.  It can be used to create illusion that real page exists somewhere behind the screen. Its both functional as well as cosmetic illusion.


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