Since more and more customers are turning to buy products online, it has become essential for every business to have a website. This website should not only be designed according to needs of customers but should also provide better visibility to your brand online.  In order to have a successful website,  you must choose the best web design company in Dubai, that can make the right use of different design elements. In addition to that, you must also conduct competitive analysis of your competitor`s web design that will reveal important insight about how you should improve your business website.


The first impression lasts forever. The home page of your website is the first place to interact with your customers. Your web design company should conduct competitive analysis that starts from Homepage. Your clients will be landing on this page; therefore it should be able to give customers an overview of what your website is all about? In order to appeal and attract the right segments of the audience, you should have the right combination of all the important elements like graphics, texts, and persuasive content that could compel your customers to visit your website again and again. You must consider the industry or niche in which your competitor is operating. Evaluate how your competitors have crafted the homepage and try to find out differences. Also, analyze how well your competitors are doing you must compare it with your own website. Find out the differences and similarities on your homepage. These findings should be used to learn how your competitors are doing something good or bad.


The layout of your website should always be designed according to the needs and interests of your customers. Where poorly designed website layout may turn away your customers, it may also have consequences for search engine optimization of your website. Therefore, it is important that your website layout is not only attractive for your website visitors but also support your SEO efforts. One strategy that your web design company can adopt to improve your website layout is to analyze your competitor`s website, understand how the layout affects your navigation and overall user experience. A good layout means your website visitors should be able to understand your website easily and quickly. A clean clutter-free website is all you need for an efficient web design. Experience and understand why certain elements of your website are being used in a certain way.You must specifically focus on layout, the navigation, and your experience as a whole.  If you find your competitor’s website layout easier to use and navigate, clutter-free and better user experience then you should try making your website design better than theirs.


The appropriate use of graphics and images is an important part of web design. A website without graphics or images will look bore to users. Perhaps you cannot think of selling your products and services without images. You must remember your website visitors may not have enough time to read. Therefore avoid using too much text on the e-commerce based website. Your web design company in Dubai should compare your use of graphics with competitor’s website. If you see they have used something new that is according to latest trends, you may also follow the link. Since everyone uses it differently, there are a lot of things that you can learn from your competitors.

Use of Color Scheme.

A proper use of color schemes can help your company`s branding efforts. It is important that your web design company makes proper use of colors in your logos and web designs.Explore how your competitors are using color variations on their website. Are the using specific colors that are specific to your niche? Are these colors too dark or bright?  Is the color scheme is consistent throughout their web design, i.e., social media, logos, website`s, etc.?

Use of Social Media.

With the popularity of social media, it has become an essential part of every design. Keeping your web design up-to-date with latest trends is important, therefore, now days almost every web design has social media buttons on their layout that are connected to specific accounts. You must evaluate your competitor’s website for social media buttons. You must check if they are connected to some active accounts or not.You may use these buttons on your website drive traffic to your social media page, and it can help you developing brand community.


Since the use of smartphones to access the website is on rising, it is logical to design websites that are mobile friendly and can be accessed through digital media. If your website is not mobile friendly, then it will lose a significant amount of website visitors. In addition to that, it is also a fact that if your website not mobile friendly or responsive, then it will also make it difficult for you to rank the website in search engine. Evaluate your competitor`s website and understand where you can be better than them for example if they are not yet using responsive web design then it means your competitor is not well informed about latest trends. By using a responsive design, you can attract that segment of customers who want to access the website through their smartphone devices.

Other Elements.

Competitive analysis just doesn’t end with above-discussed steps. In addition to taking care all above elements, your web design company may also conduct an audit of web content and learn how they are persuading target customers by influencing them to make a purchase. You may also check for blog engagement and involvement with users. Through all this evaluation you must try to figure out how you can be better at using different elements of web design so you can have a better customer base.

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