For some people, it might be difficult to understand why to spend so much money on web design, perhaps as long as you have a functional website, it does not really matter how it looks like Right?

Unfortunately, all those people who think same are wrong because

How anyone can afford not to have a good website when 80% online users search online before making a purchase. In addition to that, the volume of online sales is on rising at a rapid pace.

Therefore not having good website design means

So not only it’s important to have a website in place, but it is also important to have the effective one.  Designing a website that is effective and can help establish your brand identity online, it should be designed and developed with careful consideration of your niche, specific target customers, latest design trends, your goals, and purpose. In addition to that, a systematic approach to handling design and development will make it easier for your designer to deliver you a website that can fulfill your needs.

Step-I. Conduct Research/ Gather Information.

First and one of the most important things to do is research. This research should be based on understanding what actually you want you may conduct research what types of websites are commonly developed in your particular niche.  In addition to that, you should also decide what type of look in the website you need. You may explore different themes or website layout. If you are hiring web design and Development Company, then they must able discuss all these issues with however in order to save there, and your time you should think about following things

 Step-II. Planning Process.

Once you have the answers to all the questions from the previous stage, you can start planning for your website.  With a clear idea about your target market, purpose and goals you may develop site map. This site map should clearly indicate topics and subtopics that will be placed on your website. You may plan for navigation button how this information will be displayed under different categories. At this stage, you should also decide what technology you want to use for your website.

Step–III Designing Process.

With proper planning, research and all the information now its time to start actual design. At this stage, you should focus on the look of the website. It will be a prototype that should be created first. Focus more on usability than glossy look. The overall design should serve your purpose. Once its prototype is created you can see how it looks like and if you need any changes in it. Your web designer will be able to discuss it in detail.

Step –IV Development Process.

At this stage based on approved design, you should start development. This development will be mainly based on turning graphically designed pages into a website where all pages will work together. The user interface, graphics, will develop while content will be placed on each page. Furthermore, all the pages will be interlinked; scripts will be added, it will be a completely functional website.

Step V Testing and Delivery Process.

Once the website is fully developed it will be delivered to you. Your web designer will ask you to check its full functionality. It will test for its performance. You must check each link and script is working perfectly. You must also check if your website is displayed correctly on different types of screen sizes.

Step-VI Maintenance.

The work may not just end with delivery of the website. You will need to look after it as well. You should post fresh content on it according to the interest of your customers. Ensuring you have all the things in which customers are interested they will keep coming back to visit your website again and again. You may subscribe to different website maintenance package that is offered by different web design companies.

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